Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Just Us Girls and 1st Cold of the Season

Jeff was out of town this weekend from early Friday morning until late last night.  Jeff's parents are moving to Washington state next year after his mom retires, and Jeff went up there with his dad to help him scope out places to live.  

So for 4 whole days Renee and I were on our own!!  Well, Friday and Monday she still went to daycare, but the rest of the time it was just us :D  Jeff was worried that I wouldn't be able to handle Renee and all three dogs (yes, we still have Lewis) on my own, especially if Lewis and Sophie decided to get into another fight, but the weekend went off without a hitch.  Well, except for Renee's horrible cold.  

Poor baby girl, she was soooo sick on Saturday.  She had the beginnings of the cold Friday night, and on Saturday morning she seemed a little worse, but not so bad that we still couldn't go out and get some things done.   So, I carted her off to our favorite restaurant for breakfast (a special treat for our weekend alone), then we went to Home Depot to get some flowers for the front yard, and then we went to the pet store to get her some gold fish.  Really the gold fish were for me, I've been wanting them ever since we went to the State Fair, I don't know why I just love gold fish!  By the time we got back home she was exhausted!!  She had a terrible cough, tons of green snot and a fever.  I felt so bad for her I ended up letting her just sleep in my arms for her nap.  Thank goodness for reruns of Grey's Anatomy on Netflix,  they kept me from being bored out of my mind while I held my sleeping baby for two hours.

After her nap I tried to go out front to plant my flowers, but she still felt too sick to even enjoy the beautiful weather outside.  She kept just coming up to me, saying, "hi mommy" with this sad little voice and holding onto whatever part of me she could reach.  Poor thing!  I finally gave up trying to garden and we went back inside to cuddle.  I ended up putting her down for bed early, she was just so tired, and crashed pretty early myself after a long day of taking care of my sick baby.

Thankfully though Renee felt much better Sunday morning!  She woke up super hungry and thirsty, she had barely eaten anything on Saturday, and her snotty nose, cough and fever were all way less severe.  

After breakfast we went outside.  Renee played with her baby doll in her play house while I got some gardening and a few chores done in the backyard.  Back inside I let her paint with watercolors, which she loves to do.

And I let her feed her new fish, which she also now loves to do!

My parents came up and took us out to lunch later in the day.  We went to a new mexican restaurant in town, Maria's Cantina.  Normally it's a challenge to take Renee to restaurants, but they have an outdoor patio, so she doesn't have to stay locked in her high chair the entire meal.  She was really well behaved though and loved her beans, cheese quesadilla and little bits of grilled chicken from my mom's salad.

After my parents left, and it was just me and Renee again, I really started missing Jeff.  I had been so busy before I hadn't really noticed it, but now that things had settled down I wished we didn't have an entire 24 more hours to go without him.  Oh well, it was what it was. 

Normally in the evenings when Jeff is home we chat about our day, or watch a movie, or just hang out together.  But since I was on my own after Renee went to bed, and I was feeling a bit lonely, I decided to do something a bit more productive and clean out our hall closet.  While I was organizing I found my bag with the unfinished quilt I had started making for Renee.  I pulled it out and was appalled that I had let it sit so long unfinished when it was soooooo close to being done!  So I sat on the couch, put on another rerun of Grey's Anatomy and went to work.  Two episodes and plenty of Meredith/Dr. McDreamy flirtations later I had a finished blanket (my 1st quilt) for my baby girl.  Finally!!!

We made it through our normal Monday routine and I kept Renee up a little later than normal so she could see her daddy before she went to bed.  Really it was more so her daddy could see her before she went to bed.  He missed her terribly.  He missed me too, but he really missed her.  She doesn't quite get the whole talk-on-the-phone thing yet, so Jeff had had zero communication with her all weekend.  I'm not sure Renee noticed how long Jeff was gone, she's still to young to really understand that I think, but she was happy to see him and gave him a hug when he got home like she always does.  

And that was the end of our girls weekend!