Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Busy Baby

Normally when we get home in the evening we go straight out into the backyard to let the dogs go to the bathroom, check the chicken and duck food and water levels, and tend to the plants in the garden.  But with the random rain storm yesterday, we got to skip most of our outdoor chores and just have some fun inside.

Renee was having so much fun that I decided to pick up the camera and snap a few shots of her antics:

She is big into imitating what Jeff and I do these days.  We have an old cell phone laying around for her to play with and make pretend calls.  She says, "HaaaDooo!" instead of hello, it is so cute!!


Renee is also an expert at walking now, so much so that she's putting her best efforts into to running as fast as she can.  Before, when she would try to run, her feet would move really fast, but she wouldn't actually go forward any faster than when she was walking.  She's been getting the hang of though lately, and loves zipping back and forth around the house.

Here she comes!

And there she goes!!

Watch out!!

And there she goes again!!

 And she absolutely loves to go up on the couch (or our bed) and jump around.  She stands next to it, pointing to the cushions saying, "Bah! Bah! Bah!," (translation: Up! Up! Up!) until you lift her up.  And oh my goodness, the drama that ensues if you tell her no!  I'll have to do another post on how dramatic she can be another time.  Back to last night's fun:

"Hey Kirby, stop licking my face!!"

 She gets a kick out of standing up, taking a step or two, and then falling down onto the cushions.

And her giggle is so contagious!  Jeff and I just watch her and smile, she is so much fun!!

 And most recently she's been working on her somersaults.  Well, we've been working on them anyway.  This is how it works; I tell her to go upside down and she puts her head on the ground, like so:

Then I lift her feet up and gently guide her over onto her back: 

Then she lays on her back and says, "mo, mo!" which means "more, more."  And we do it again, and again, and again!

Sometimes I take advantage of the situation and steal some kisses on her belly, which I love.  And it makes her giggle, which I also love :D 

Silly girl!!

And thankfully, for as silly and active as she is, she is still willing to stop and give Mommy and Daddy a hug.  And sometimes, if we're really lucky, we get a nice big slobbery kiss too.  Although most of the time when I ask her for a kiss she smiles, says, "No!" (her favorite word lately) and runs the other way.  It's okay though, I just steal them whenever I get the chance.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Renee's 1st Year Photobook

So, I finally completed the digital photo album I've been making of Renee's 1st Year.  We had soooooo many pictures of her (I think it was around 1200) from those first 12 months and I didn't want them just sitting on my computer.  And when I saw the adorable scrapbook design on Shutterfly I just had to make one for Renee (translation: for me!).  Our print copy came in the mail the other day and it turned out really great.

Check it out when you get some free time:


If for some reason the book is not showing up you can always see it here.


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pictures From Daycare

A couple of weeks ago Paula, Renee's primary teacher at school, sent me some more pictures she took of Renee.  Some of them are soooo cute and I love seeing how much fun Renee has at school!!!

Paula, Renee and a baby doll.

So serious.
They had the parents come have lunch with the kids to celebrate UCD Picnic Day

Renee feeding her baby vegetables

She's such a good mommy!
Bingo art is so exciting!!!

Pushing a cow around on a chair, silly girl!

I'm pretty sure she's not supposed to eat the paint.

That's better!

"I don't know how I got paint all over myself.  Honest!!"

I LOVE this child!!!