Monday, June 21, 2010

First Post - A Better Blog

I have been struggling with the current design of Renee's web page for quite some time now.  Not that I think Jeff didn't do a great job building it, he did - it's awesome; especially the gallery page.  It's just that her main page is not a proper "blog", which is how I've been using it, and it's kind of a pain to update.  I could have had Jeff create some new blog-like page that would give me all the options I want, which he probably would have spent hours upon hours perfecting for me (thank you my love!).  Instead I am just going to stick with the principle that the simplest solution is often the best solution (Occam's razor, in case you were interested).

So, here it is: a user friendly blog to keep our friends, family and anyone else who stumbles across it, updated on the smiles, tears, drool and other interesting activities of our beautiful daughter Renee Marjorie Trunnelle.

We hope you enjoy and visit often!!!

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