Monday, September 19, 2011


So, if you are one of the 5 or so regular visitors to this blog I apologize for my absence over the last month and a half.  I could now explain how I've been super busy lately with school, family, dogs, etc., etc.  But I'm not going to bore you with all of that.  Onwards and upwards, right :D

I will try to do a catch up post of some sorts.  We have done so many fun things over the past couple of months and Renee has grown up dramatically in that time.  Well, grown up is not really an appropriate description.  Really what has happened is that she has prematurely turned the terrible age of 2!  Sighhh!! More to come on all of that.

The point of this particular post is so that I can share with you some exciting (well, exciting to me anyway) news that I have FINALLY completed Renee's 1st birthday photo book.  Yeahhh!!!  I know, it's only been 6 and a half months!!  I mean really Kelly, how long do these things take?  Well as an excuse of some sorts, Shutterfly recently changed their website so that you now have complete creative control over the format of every page in your book.  So I sat there and moved the pictures around, and re-sized them, and added new embellishments, and changed the background color, again and again and again.  Then they added new embellishments and new background colors, and I went back to pages that I had already deemed complete and started them over.  Jeez, I wonder why I haven't had time for blogging lately :D  The process could have potentially continued indefinitely, but a coupon code for a free book finally brought me back to reality and I finalized the silly thing.

Check it out if you have some time:


You can also click HERE if the above link isn't working.

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  1. Fabulous job on the Shutterfly photobook Kel! I love the page with a picture of each month of her first year!