Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"Nee dood dit"

Renee has been talking so much lately.  And it's really fun to be able to communicate with her.  To be able to ask her a question and not only have her understand what I'm saying, but to also have her answer me, I love it!!  And I know just about everyone learns to talk in the world, but it's just such an amazing, fascinating and rewarding process, especially when it's my own baby!!  

Of course, it's also very challenging at times, as I can't always understand what Renee is saying.  She's usually very determined though, and repeats what ever it is over and over again until I get it.  It's cute, and sometimes frustrating and slightly annoying, but it's a learning experience for both of us.  

Here are some of the things she's been saying these days (and the translations in parenthesis):

"No, no, Yoyo! My dahdoo." (No, no, Sophie.  My cracker!)

"Dadaaaa, arrr juuuu?" (Dada, where are you?)

"Mama, hood ju!" (Mama, hold you.)  This means she wants me to hold her.  It stems from me saying, "Do you want me to hold you?"

"Mama, dee dee dahdoo." (Mama, cookie cracker.)  This means she wants a cracker from the box that has the picture of Cookie Monster on it.

"Nee zock on.  Nee dood dit."  (Renee sock on.  Renee will do it.)  She's getting very independent lately and wants to do everything herself.  She usually says, "No, Nee dood dit!" when we ask her if she wants any help.  But then gives up in frustration after a couple of tries and says, "Mama, hep."  (Mama, help.)

She also likes to tell us what we're doing, like if Jeff is putting his shirt on she'll say, "Dada, surt on!"  Or, if I finished my glass of water she'll say, "Mama wahwah, all done!"

Everyday it seems she says something new, this is such a fun age!!  

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  1. I love the Language of Renee and the translations! It's been a long time since I have heard the language of the very, very young. Being able to witness Renee's process of learning to talk has been fascinating. I forgot how hard it is to learn to take sounds and form them into a more sophisticated form of communication than crying, shaking one's head, etc. My favorite T-shirt has the ASL alphabet across the front with the words, "Communication is everything." Go, Renee!